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Monday – Sunday
6:00am – 10:00am
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6:30pm – 10:00pm
*Only for guests of the hotel

Join us at Kg Restaurant to experience all of Peru's unique cuisine.  From coastal seafood dishes to Andean inspired steak plates, our restaurant is your one stop to savor Peruvian delicacies.   

We are now offering “Simply Peruvian” an introduction to Peruvian cooking class.  Learn how to mix a pisco sour, cook up some ceviche, lomo saltado, and finish off your cooking experience with a delicious lucuma mousse.  When you get to our hotel, stop by the front desk and ask for more information.



Causa de Mares - $13
Andean yellow potato “causa”, one with seasoned ceviche mayonnaise & wasabi on tender octopus, cilantro and red chili, the other with anchovy on charcoal flavored olive oil, avocado and chalaquita, and last but not least, panko shrimp with anticucho spiced mayonnaise and mango chili chutney.

Ceviche Supershot - $12.5
Toque de pisco macerado en kion Tiger Milk Cup with white fish ceviche, corn, crispy fried sweet potato, gooseberry honey, wakame Japanese seaweed and chullpi. Dash of ginger infused pisco.

Tres Origenes - $10.5
Peruvian potato huamantanga, with three of our classics creams: wild marigold “ocopa”, yellow chili “huancaína” and red chili “rocoto”. Lettuce, quail egg and olive oil chalaquita.

Chimichurri Maki - $10.5
White fish maki roll, cream cheese, chips, chimichurri and melted mozzarella, togarashi mayonnaise.

Papas Fritas Criollas - $7.5
yellow potato fries on Maras salt, oregano and thyme accompanied with our signature dips. .


Antigua Caesars – $9.5 
Croutons al ajo y oliva Caesars salad with anchovies and capers blended dressing, served with parmesan cheese and breaded crispy chicken tenderloin. Garlic and olive croutons.

Ocopa & Langostino – $12
Fresh salad with lettuce, tomato, avocado and sweet corn, pisco sautéed shrimp and our wild marigold “ocopa” cream.

Pasta y Pesto – $9.5 
Fusilli pasta with fresh pesto, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh cheese, green olives & boiled quail egg

Fresca de la Casa – $6.5
Fresh lettuce with tomato concasse, avocado, white onion, our special house dressing & balsamic reduction.


Dieta de Pollito – $9.5 
Chicken broth with angel hair pasta and Peruvian yellow potato.

Cremoso de Zapallo - $9.5
Squash & yellow potato cream with a touch of semi whipped cream, olive and garlic croutons.

pisco bar & Lounge

(51-1) 201 2060

Monday – Sunday
11:00am – 11:00pm

A cultural and culinary trip into Peru's past and it's pisco, the Alembic Pisco Bar & Lounge is the perfect place to savor infused pisco and indulge in the magic of Peruvian cuisine. First used in Peru in the early 1600's to distill grapes into pisco (a type of refined brandy), the alembic/still is of late associated with moonshiner's whiskey in North America. At the Hotel Antigua Miraflores, in the heart of Lima's cultural hub, an alembic is displayed in an eclectic setting inspired by Peru's cultural heritage and architecture. The lounge/bar offers a delicious choice of tapas appetizers and an exciting variety of typical Peruvian chilcanos and sours made from the 20 flavors of infused pisco.


Por una Buena Causa - $13
Andean potato roll filled with cream cheese and kiuri topped with cilantro and limo (ceviche styled) seasoned octupus.

Kausachun - $13
Andean potato causa topped with panko shrimp, anticucho spiced mayonnaise, chili and mango chutney.

Tequeños Alembic - $14
Crispy tequenos filled with a spicy chicken, cheese and chili sauce with a chili and creamy black olive dip.

Triadito - $12
White fish sashimi trio , seasoned wasabi mayonnaise, torched oriental style, and huancaina cream. 

Costa, Sierra y Selva - $13.5
Black quinoa breaded shrimp, arugula and heart of palm salad, and goose berry dressing. 

El Peruanaso - $10.5
Rotisserie chicken sandwich, with yellow chilli cream, ciboulette and mini fries. Tomato and avocado salad. 

Sir Loin Sanguchon - $13
Tender sirloin sándwich on crispy bread, caramelized onion, sauted mushrooms and anticucho spiced mayonnaise, joined with potatoe chips.

De a Tres en Vez - $13.5
Hamburger trio: yellow chilli cream and onion rings, chimichurri with cheese and glazed tomato, bbq and sour cream

Raclette Vegetariano - $13
Grilled raclette with mushrooms in chimichurri, bell pepper, red onion, sweet corn and zucchini, with melted mozarella cheese.

Y Vino el Cordero...…  - $13 
Slow cooked lamb in wine with caramelized onion topped with red chili cream.

Franchute Llegado a Huacho - $13
French-toasted brioche with covered with crispy black quinoa and scrambled Huacho sausage.

Montadito Ficho - $15.5 
Charcoal oil blackened sirloin, churrasqueria style plantains, quail eggs, and cocona and limo chili chalaquita.

Pa Dentro! - $15.5 
Creamy Andean corn pie with stir fried sirloin.

Piscoton - $6
Three milk cake with a Pisco chocolate liquor.

Melcochoso & Cafetoso - $3
Moist chocolate coffee brownie.

Frutos de mi Peru - $3
Chocolate and lucuma mousse.

Sanguchitos de mi Tierra - $2.5 
Cornmeal cookies with lucuma manjar.